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Katie Brydon

Top 5 Strengths:  Woo | Communication | Positivity | Includer | Individualization

Specialties: Digital Storytelling, Community Building, Volunteer Management, Workshop Facilitation 

Hobbies: Hiking, Kayaking, Volunteering, Talking

Most Likely To:  Be your new best friend.


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Katie Brydon is a seasoned professional with nearly two decades of experience enhancing community engagement for nonprofits and small businesses. She specializes in leveraging digital platforms to craft effective engagement strategies that connect with diverse audiences. Her expertise in social media management and digital storytelling empowers organizations to effectively convey their message, meet goals, achieve fundraising targets, and garner support. She is a skilled storyteller; she excels in developing compelling content for various channels and fostering meaningful connections between nonprofits and their communities.

In addition to digital strategies, her storytelling skill catalyzes community building and networking. Katie excels in partnership building, empowering volunteers, and aligning nonprofit missions with the right stakeholders. Her strengths reflect her commitment to advancing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) initiatives. She facilitates workshops and collaborates with stakeholders to drive tangible change, making her an invaluable asset for organizations looking to broaden their impact and outreach.

Katie's unique and enthusiastic blend of experience and dedication makes her a trusted partner for nonprofits and small businesses seeking to achieve their goals and make a difference in their communities. She loves meeting new people and telling their stories, so be prepared to make a new friend in the process. As a passionate advocate for equity in her community, Katie holds multiple leadership roles: she's an elected official on her city's School Board, serves as Vice Chair of the Advisory Committee for Equity, Inclusion, and Human Rights, and sits on the Board of Directors for the Boys and Girls Club. Outside of work, she enjoys exploring mountain trails and the rugged coast near her home in Maine which she shares with her partner and three kids.



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