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Work is Weird.. and this year was the weirdest.

This past year changed the individual conception of work. Sometimes literally - we lost jobs we loved. In other instances, we left the physical culture and started working from home. This remote environment changed the dynamics of both the work and of the relationships surrounding the work. Things got weird.

In many environments, the tension created by a floundering economy, the necessity to invent new ways of producing and in some cases new products all together, put pressure on our leaders; the trickle down effect didn’t always land well. People got weird.

This month is heavy. This time last year, we packed up temporarily. Only it wasn’t temporary; most of us are still at home. Things are still weird.

Nevertheless, we adapted and got comfy at home, wearing sweats and working from the couch. We figured out new schedules, learned how to coexist 24/7 and work with partners, pets and kids breathing down our necks. Zoom fatigue is real. Those dynamics are weird.

Now it looks like it might be changing again. We may be going back to the office and now even that feels weird.

The past year changed a lot for us. How we work, how we manage our time, how we handle stress, maybe even how we view the world. But at our core, we are still the same humans. And the same inherent talents and strengths that helped us navigate the weirdness of the last year will help us realign and figure out tomorrow.

We want to help. Let’s get you grounded so you’re ready to take on the next weird transition or just feel better about the weirdness of the phase you’re in. Let’s figure out how to leverage and lean into your strengths and build a new road map so you feel strong and positive about the direction you’re headed. Unfortunately, the weirdness of the past year isn’t fully in the rearview mirror but you can handle it - whether you know it or not, you’re built for this. And we’re here to help.


One hour power coaching session and 2 half hour follow-up accountability sessions.

$75 ($225 discount).

Includes CliftonStrengths Assessment (if not previously taken).

Book a consultation today and find out if working with a coach will help you develop a plan to not just survive but thrive.

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