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Elite athletes like Serena Williams have professional coaches on their bench throughout their entire careers, yet industry executives and leaders are expected to perform at peak levels
without any help. Put SquareRoot on your bench. A coaching partnership
with Square Root will bring out the best in you and will ensure you can keedoing the work that you love for as long as you want. Utilizing a strengths-based approach that’s both intentional and purposeful, we can help you harness your talents and the talents on your
team to achieve you goals. Coaching can help you: 

  • Discover and name your natural talents;  work together to focus on doing more of what you naturally.

  • Put words to your values and help keep you in your integrity within the context of those values

  • Provide an outside perspective and unbiased sounding board

  • Uncover blind spots and develop tactics to leverage strengths to work stronger.

  • Strengthen communication between with colleagues and leaders

  • Understand your colleagues’ strengths and how your unique combination of talents work together

  • Navigate challenging issues and conversations

Sample Coaching Packages 

Assessments & Coaching :  Identify and understand your top 5 strengths with the Clifton Strengths Assessment & a one hour 1:1; Coaching Session.  

Team Assessment & Workshops:  Develop a new awareness of how to maximize the individual strengths to build your team success.  This package includes assessment for your team as well as support to understand how to maximiate 

Let’s Work Together

500 Terry Francois Street 

San Francisco, CA 94158

Tel: 123-456-7890

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