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Square Root Consulting

Nonprofit work shouldn't be so hard - we can help

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 50% of nonprofit employees burnout

Who we are

We believe in everyone can be successful with the right structure and support and leverage our 50 years of combined experience in nonprofits to ensure our clients can achieve their dreams.   

Working within the nonprofit sector can be incredibly fulfilling, yet it often comes with unique challenges. A recent Stanford Social Innovation Review study highlights that around 50% of nonprofit employees face significant burnout.


We aim to transform this narrative by empowering nonprofit leaders, staff, and volunteers with the necessary tools to fulfill their missions while safeguarding their passion and mental well-being.

How we help

Organizational Consulting

Due to limited resources, nonprofit leaders are asked to wear many hats.  They move between marketing, development, financial management, advocacy, and human resources, often within one day. We work with you to understand your strengths and challenges and become a partner providing both strategic & tactical support.

Strategic Planning 

We love strategic planning and have a simple and easy-to-accomplish process to develop a plan (that not only meets the requirements for your funders) that works for your organization and drives innovation and impact.

Strengths-based Coaching

Great organizations are made up of diverse people with diverse strengths, backgrounds, and viewpoints. Finding harmony can be hard. We provide individual and team coaching to identify and leverage your strengths.

Our approach

Simplifying Complexity: We specialize in making intricate processes and tasks straightforward.


Strength-based:  We believe in the innate strengths of every individual and team and focus on supporting what is right more than what needs to be fixed


Resourceful Strategies: We design strategies that align with the available resources and strengths within our clients' organizations, ensuring implementation & sustainability. 

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