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Strategic Planning

Our dedication to strategic planning is fueled by a commitment to helping organizations thrive. We believe that strategic planning is not just a task but a transformative process that empowers organizations to achieve their goals and make a meaningful impact.

Our approach is rooted in simplicity and effectiveness. We understand that the complexity of strategic planning can be daunting, which is why we've developed a straightforward and easy-to-accomplish process and options to fit your unique organizational goals. 

Strategic Plan Development

We believe in the importance of understanding the individuals and the organization. We leverage humble inquiry and curiosity in service of your mission. When stakeholders, board members, and staff are directly involved in establishing priorities, their buy-in increases exponentially, leading to enhanced engagement and productivity. Our approach integrates comprehensive discovery processes, including surveys, interviews, and thematic analysis, to answer crucial questions about goals, strategies, and success metrics.

We are great at:

  • Developing Full Strategic Plans

  • Support organizations through an inclusive discovery process

  • Developing Strategic Development Plans


 Meeting Facilitation

We leverage our collective experience and strategic techniques to embrace collaborative methodologies. We aim to cultivate environments where ideas flourish, decisions are made efficiently, and participants feel valued. Our style is collaborative, inclusive, creative, flexible, and prepared.  

We are great at:

  • Facilitating Strategic Planning Session

  • Board Development Workshops

  • Staff Training

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Organization Mergers


Fundraising Plan Creation

Our fundraising plan creation service engages diverse stakeholders to develop a comprehensive and tailored strategy unique to your organization's needs and goals.  Similar to our strategic planning approach, we believe in knowing who you are as a person and as an organization before we prescribe a fundraising strategy.

We are great at:

  • Analyzing fundraising data and providing recommendations

  • Recommending strategies to software and adding automation in the process

  • Pulling from traditional fundraising knowledge to create unique and impactful plans


Let's Work Together

The initial step in crafting a successful plan is to engage in thoughtful consideration and connection.  Let's connect.

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