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New Year's Resolutions are Trash!

New Year’s Resolutions are the worst. Absolute trash.

This idea that in firmly pronouncing our intentions we’re going to wake up on January 1 and magically find the resolve to achieve these things we’ve actually been yearning for all year is bogus. The clock strikes midnight and poof - we’re going to eat better, exercise more, achieve inbox zero… We’re going to act differently. Feel differently. Be different.

But that is not how change works.

Our desire to change is real, but we don’t necessarily have tools to make these changes on our own. In some cases, we have internal structures actively working against us. Sometimes, we need accountability partners to help us figure out what’s working against the goals we’ve set for ourselves.

It’s this idea that continues to power our coaching and consulting work and led us to create two new programs for 2023. We are committed to helping our clients not just set intentions for change but build support systems, strategies and celebrations around the hard work needed to achieve those goals. To help our clients do this we are offering our Anti-Resolutions Packages at a 50% discount if you sign up by Jan 8th.

Coaching Partnership - Change takes work. And doing it alone is hard. This coaching partnership will offer support as you work through your big goals.

$450 for four 1:1 45 minute coaching sessions.

Together is Better Coaching Group - Change, growth and bravery is hard when you work from home and feel isolated. Doing it together is better! Join this unique coaching group that will meet bi-weekly for 4 months for guided learning, peer support and coaching.

$600 investment (eight sessions/weekly emails & 30 minute welcome call)

Contact us to learn more

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